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20x2 v 14.0 What's The Last Thing You Remember?

March 8, 2014 7-9:30pm

Scheduled To Appear:

Speakers indiscriminately released into the wild here.

Ethan Azarian art music

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Mea Cole Tefka &
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[Believe us. This is not the order they will appear. Also, list is subject to change.]

latest news

20x2 Chicago: Soon.

20x2 Chicago, the northern branch of 20x2, is gearing up for its October show, which will be Oct. 25 at Schubas -- and the Austin mothership is rumbling back to life as well. More details very soon.

20x2 Chicago: Where Are We?

Are you ready? We are. On April 19 at Schubas, the second edition of 20x2 Chicago will answer the question, "Where are we?" RSVP on Facebook, and see you there! More details on the 20x2 Chicago page.

Inside of Two Weeks!

Today we announce the remainder of twenty. Check @20x2, the 20x2 Facebook Page and here for the latest. This year's show will run the gamut from NASA's Press Secretary to a man I once watched make change from his sock. Will.not.be.dull.

What's The Last Thing You Remember?

If you're like me, and not very many people are, you forget things within minutes of hearing them. We are hoping that we can find twenty people that will be able to dig in deep and answer our question in March. We are already more than halfway there and will be announcing speakers in small chunks. We are looking forward being back at Elysium and finding out What's The Last Thing You Remember.

Also, special thanks to this year's poster artist, Matt Skoog.

Has it been a year already?

2013 saw some ups and some downs. You know what we are talking about. One important milestone was the return of the 20x2 crew to Chicago for the first version of the 20x2 Chicago show, led by our favorite 20x2 crew member that lives in Chicago, Andrew Huff. Andrew has a lot of plans for more great shows this year and next and if you are a Chicago resident, be sure to check one out.

Speaking of 20x2, we will be returning to Elysium this March for v.14 of our show. This will be the 18th show we've produced and we feel like we've almost gotten all the kinks out. Ray Davies would beg to disagree. Our question has been chosen and we will be announcing that soon. We will also once again be giving away 1 spot in our 20 to the best entry in our "How would you answer the question?" game outside the game. Check back in the next several days to see the question and some of our first unfortunate dedicated souls that will step up to the plate on March 8th.

Sweet Home, Chicago

Some of you may remember when 20x2 visited Chicago in 2010, answering the question "Who knew?" The show was a hit, and it planted the seed to bring the show back again someday. After many discussions between show creator Kevin Newsum and Gapers Block founder and frequent 20x2 collaborator Andrew Huff, it was decided that we shouldn't just make it another one-off -- instead, Chicago should become the first permanent 20x2 satellite show. The first show is Saturday, Oct. 19 at Martyrs' -- see the new 20x2 Chicago page for details.

Survey Says!

There were a number of terrific entries that folks emailed in, but in the end, there was one that got the nod: congratulations to Joe Perez, this show's 'Tell Us How You'd Answer The Question' winner. Catch Joe's answer this Saturday at Elysium!

What Changed?

Saturday March 9th, during SXSWi, 20 speakers or musicians or actors or comedians or law enforcement or real estate magnates (but no plumbers) will join us on the stage at Elysium to tell us, in just two minutes, "What Changed?".


Would you like to be a part of the life-draining experience that is 20x2?. We are reserving a select few spots on our list this year to applicants who think they've got what it takes to move us in only 2 minutes. Think that you have the perfect answer to this year's question "What Changed?"? Let us know how you would do it and we might just give you the chance. Send your proposal/audition tape/monetary bribe to twentybypresents@gmail.com by February 18th.

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